Sea Otter Viewing and Whale Watching Tour – June 19

Humpback Whale - Breaching

Wow! What a day with sightings of a coastal wolf, breaching humpback whales, feeding eagles, plus lots more.

We started off in the drizzle and were soon rewarded with a rare sight. At first we thought it was drift wood but as we got closer we saw a wolf standing on a rock close to the waters edge. We approached from downwind and managed to watch him for 10 to 15 minutes before leaving him in his search of a meal.

Soon after we spotted two humpback whales that were doing long dives without much time on the surface so we continued on. We then spotted another four humpbacks and decided to have our lunch on the water as we watched them. We were treated to one of them breaching numerous times.  What a sight. 

We then headed a little more west and saw a number of mother sea otters with pups but go distracted by rhinoceros auklets and at least 10 bald eagles feeding on a school of small fish. We had loads of photo opportunities as the eagles  swooped down and picked up talons full of fish near our boat.

We didn’t think the day could get any better but we continued on to Pine Island and just as we were slowing down to see if anything was in the area, a humpback whale breached a few hundred meters in front of us and continued to breach another four or five times!

We wrapped up the day at a Steller sea lion haul-out out on our way back to Port Hardy.

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