Sea Otter Viewing and Whale Watching Tour – June 21

Humpback Whale - Sqiuggles

A beautiful day on the water. We  saw a few sea otters as we departed Hardy Bay. We made our way through some nearby islands and then headed west in Goletas Channel. Today we got to the very northern tip of Vancouver Island, Cape Sutil. Lots of rhinoceros auklets were in the area and as we crossed the Nahwitti Bar we saw more sea otters. 

We viewed a large sea lion haul-out before moving to another area with sea otter mothers and pups. We enjoyed a floating lunch break surrounded by sea otters. One nearby sea otter cracked open a clam on its chest for something of its own to eat. During this time we would normally expect to sea a humpback whale but they we proving elusive today.

We had some adventurous guests, so we took advantage of the relatively calm seas and low wind and crossed over to the Storm Islands and continued right to the mainland just a little south of Cape Caution. Still no humpbacks but we covered lots of water and saw lots of beautiful scenery.

We headed east again and found a humpback whale that was taking long dives. It is a pretty identifiable whale due to an injury to its dorsal fin and is identified as “Squiggles” by  the Marine Education and Research Society

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