Our Wildlife and Whale Watching Boats
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Our Wildlife and Whale Watching Boats
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Two-piece Flotation Suits
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Our Wildlife and Whale Watching Boats
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Two-piece Flotation Suits
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Our Vessels

In September of 2022 we took delivery of the first of two new custom made Titan Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) viewing vessels. While many people may refer to these boats as “zodiacs”, this generic term really does not do them justice. Titan Boats are based on Vancouver Island and have been building aluminum hulled RHIBs for both ecotourism and law enforcement for over a quarter century. We worked closely with Titan to design our vessels to provide our guests the most comfortable and intimate wildlife viewing experiences possible.

Gone are the standard bench seats that most companies use and replaced with individual seats on shock mitigating suspension platforms, providing a comfortable ride even in bumpy conditions. When stopped to view wildlife you are not constrained to your seats, the boats have viewing areas in front and behind the seats allowing guests to spread out and get the best possible sightings. An aisle down the center of the boat allows easy access to the standing height on board toilet (head). 

At almost 10 metres in length (33 feet) and powered by twin 300 HP Yamaha outboards, our vessels allow us to cover a lot of water in a variety of conditions. Our vessels are comfortable for a few hours or a full day. Features include Simrad navigation, Radar, and AIS system, plus dual VHF Radios.  Our onboard hydrophone and speaker system allows us to listen to the whales.

To add to our guests’ comfort, we provide two-piece flotation suits plus warm hats and binoculars on all tours. The two-piece suits are much easier to get in and out of than the traditional one-piece suits used by most companies. *two-piece suits are  available in sizes Small to XXL. We also have one-piece suits in Extra Small  and XXXL sizes.

Natalie Wren - Whale Watching Boat

Natalie Wren

We took delivery of the Natalie Wren in September 2022. Named after co-owner Andrew Jones’ daughter.

Eleni Jane - Whale Watching Boat

Eleni Jane

The Eleni Jane is currently being built on Vancouver Island for delivery in the spring of 2023. Named after co-owner Mike Willie’s youngest daughter.

Many great sightings of whales, while on our safaris. If you’d like to check out our website, please click the link in the bio! ...

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Hanging out in the Great Bear Rainforest can be exhilarating! 🎥 - @taylormichaelburk ...

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Capturing Magical Moments! Hanging out with the brothers was absolutely amazing! @downtofilm @noahshumka @seawolfadventures ...

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Water is life for wildlife ~ Memories is life ~ Energy is life! #coastalrainforestsafaris #crs #safetrueeducational #wildlife #water #ocean #healing ...

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A Sea Nettle jelly seen in the shallows during one of our tours this past summer. Beautiful to watch, but their sting can be painful. While our gueats often join us looking for larger marine mammals, it is often the small surprises that really make the trip memorable.

#jelly #seanettle #visitporthardy #gonorthisland #explorevancouverisland @explorebc #indigenoustourismbc #vancouverisland

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Kwikw - bald eagle. Did you know that there are many traditional governances amongst the First Nations, on the BC Coast, that attribute to the iconic bald eagle? #coastalrainforestsafaris #crs #safetrueeducational #gonorthisland #indigenousbc #explorebc #explorecanada #baldeagle ...

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This has to be it! These moments never get old! #humpbackwhale #whale #coastalrainforestsafaris #crs #safetrueeducational #gonorthisland #indigenousbc #explorebc #explorecanada ...

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Sunset viewing, a rare but amazing experience! Paying tribute to what brings us life, the T̕łisa̱la. #coastalrainforestsafaris #crs #safetrueeducational #gonorthisland #sunset #sun #life ...

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Ever see a humpback catch juvenile herring? Many many magical days with Coastal Rainforest safaris! #coastalrainforestsafaris #crs #humpbackwhale #gonorthisland #indigenoustourism #indigenousbc #explorebc #explorecanada ...

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Nice to get visited by our ancestor G̱wa̱'ya̱m! #humpback #humpbackwhale #whale #tlatlasikwalaterritory ...

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